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  • Rumsey parents, as a friendly reminder we do not have supervision for students prior to the beginning of Walking Club at 7:40am.  Prior to 7:40 a.m. there is no supervision for students and students will not be allowed to wait inside due to weather.  Our Kids Club program offers before and after school care for you to utilize if you need to drop off prior to 7:40am.  Please visit for more information, or call 402-898-0498.  Thank you for working with us as we strive to keep our students safe.

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  • The classroom harvest parties will be Friday, October 27, at 2 pm. The party volunteers are able to go the classrooms at 1:50 to get set up.  Please remember we still have learning going on until 2pm, we ask if you are not a volunteer to wait in the foyer until 2pm.  The Party Coordinators for each grade level have planned the parties in the classrooms. This makes volunteering at the party easier as there is no stress about having to plan the party beforehand. When you arrive for the party, please take a minute to fill out a name tag on the table in the foyer.  The PTO will be providing snacks and refreshments for all of the students. Due to allergy concerns, there will be no other food or snacks allowed. Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

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  • Please join the PTO for the Annual Trunk or Treat on Friday, October 27 from 6-7:30pm.  This is a wonderful evening to spend time with other Rumsey families, dress up in costumes and trick or treat in the safety of the Rumsey parking lot

    If you and your family (or your businesses) are interested in making your own trunk for the event, please plan on the following:

    Email Elizabeth Shelman at to let us know that you are doing one so we can have a good count of all the trunks. - Arrive at 5:30 on October 27th to start setting up your trunk - Plan on a treat or goodie for 500.

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    Come share your crepreserve memories!  Learn or develop skills in areas like photography, design, and publishing. Open to all interested 5th and 6th grade students.  Meetings will be held the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 3:10pm-4:10pm.
    Contact Ashley for more information or with questions,

    Music Choir Club
    Choir Club is every Tuesday in the morning and afternoon.  We will begin the season with 7:30am-8:00am rehearsals (which will go away once established) and after school rehearsals until 4:00pm in the music room.  The clubs concert will be Thursday, March 1, at 6:30pm in Rumsey Station's gym.  More opportunities will be announced later.

    Music Drum Club
    Rehearsals will be Thursdays after school until 4:00pm in the music room.
    The clubs concert will be Thursday, March 1, at 6:30pm in Rumsey Station's gym.  More opportunities will be announced later.

    Fuel Up for 60

    Fuel Up will meet each Friday from 3:10-3:45 in the Mini Gym.  All grades are welcome.

    Reach Out Club
    Reach Out Club meets once a month to work on service projects for the community. Our goal is to spread kindness by reaching out to our community. If you have any ideas for projects or know of needs in the community please let me know


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    Birthday Book Club

    Congratulations to our newest Birthday Book Club Member: Kale Mumma in Mrs. Simorov’s class chose Who Would Win? Tarantula vs. Scorpion.

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  • Rumsey Elementary School

    Peanut and Tree Nut Guidelines

    These guidelines are intended to help maintain a safe school environment for students with tree nut and/or peanut food allergies by providing families with an awareness of the guidelines in place at Rumsey Station.  Even with these guidelines, there remains the potential for a student to come into contact with food or other objects that may cause severe health issues.  Rumsey Station is not a peanut/tree nut free facility.   

    It is important for a student with severe allergies to have a current health action plan on file with the health office.   Please visit with the health office if you have questions about your child’s plan. 

    Classroom Considerations (School Day) 

    • All food items brought to school for distribution (birthday treats, classroom parties, etc.) must be commercially prepared and commercially pre-packaged with a clear ingredient list.  Items purchased in bulk and packaged at home are not allowed.
    • The following ingredients listed on the food label are not allowed to be distributed in identified nut free classrooms: 
      • The food label indicates peanuts or tree nuts as an ingredient.   
      • The food label with phrasing such as; "may contain traces of peanuts or tree nuts" or "packaged in a plant that processes peanuts or tree nuts" will not be allowed in the classrooms. 
    • Individual student snacks containing peanuts or tree nuts are not allowed in the classroom identified as nut free.  All food items must be commercially prepared and commercially pre-packaged with a clear ingredient list.  Items purchased in bulk and packaged at home for individual use are not allowed.
    • Alternative food/treats for students with other food allergy types (e.g. milk, egg, etc.) are able to be provided for students with different health considerations as long as they meet the safety criteria of being peanut/tree nut free.  Families need to have principal approval prior to sending food items to the classroom.
    • Families need to have teacher approval prior to sending any bulk food items to the classroom.   These items must meet peanut and tree nut guidelines.  Please set a date in advance and bring the items to the office for ingredient approval.   Families are not allowed to take items to the classroom.  

    Lunchroom Considerations


    • A "Nut Free" lunch table is provided for students needing such a location. The same table is used each day and cleaned separately from the other lunchroom tables to minimize any cross contamination.
    • District lunches or a cold lunch for the student identified to sit at the table are allowed at the "nut free" table.
      • Cold lunches for identified students sitting at this table are not to contain peanut or tree nut food items. Food labels are not available for cold lunches so families need to be aware when preparing the lunch and sending it to school.
      • School district lunches do not knowingly contain any peanut or tree nuts as ingredients.

    Commercial foods (i.e. fast food) for identified students sitting at this table are not to contain peanut or tree nut food items.  Parents need to be aware of food labels before bringing food to the table.  Commercial foods that may come in contact with peanut or tree nu

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